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What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms assisting your body in tackling stress and promoting overall wellness. You can enjoy them in food, drinks, supplements, tinctures and snack bars - helping to balance both physical and mental stressors.

What are functional mushrooms?

These therapeutic mushrooms, rich in antioxidants, have a tradition of boosting health. They hold potential benefits like antiviral properties, reducing inflammation, and lowering blood sugar levels. Some, termed as adaptogenic, aid in managing stress. Notable ones include Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps, offering an extra health boost along with essential fibre and vitamins​.

Are Lucid products psychoactive?

Nope! Our current offerings do not contain any psychedelic properties. Rest assured that all ingredients used in our products are legal, transparent, and comply with UK health standards for making claims on functional ingredients. Our priority is to offer a line of products that are both safe and beneficial, adhering to the legal and health standards in place, while remaining open to evolving our product line as the legal landscape and scientific understanding advance.