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What is Lucid?

At Lucid, we're more than just a brand selling adaptogenic snacks and disposables. We're a vision, a promise, and a commitment.

We walk our talk


At Lucid, sustainability is more than just a concept; it's a core value deeply embedded in our operational philosophy. Our goal is clear: to achieve complete sustainability in our sourcing and packaging within the first three years. This commitment is a fundamental part of who we are, driving us to make responsible and eco-friendly choices in every aspect of our business.


Lucid stands firmly for genuine transparency. In a market often clouded with overstatements, we pledge to maintain clarity and honesty in all our communications. Each claim about our products is supported by carefully chosen ingredients and precise dosages, ensuring that our health-related statements are both compliant and truthful.

Championing Mental Health

Lucid's vision extends beyond our products into the vital area of mental health. Recognising the critical importance of mental wellbeing, we are actively pursuing partnerships with mental health organisations. We are committed to making a real difference and plan to donate a portion of our proceeds towards mental health research, contributing to a future where mental health is prioritised and better understood.

Three people dancing and enjoying themselves in a crowd at an outdoor festival.

Magic Moments

Lucid is designed to enhance the special moments in your life, effortlessly fitting into your daily routine. Our focus is on adaptability and alignment, using the natural power of functional mushrooms and adaptogens to suit your individual needs at any moment.

Feel a boost of energy with our Move collection, perfect for busy days, dance nights, or as a pre-workout snack. And when stress mounts, turn to our Mellow collection for a moment of calm, whether you're at work, socialising, or unwinding at home. Lucid is here to elevate your everyday experiences, providing stress relief and energy whenever you need it.

Naturally Nourished

Dive into a world where delicious flavours blend with functional benefits. Our snack bars, crafted with passion and expertise, offer a perfect balance of great taste and powerful functionality, all without artificial additives. Each bite is a celebration of our commitment to 100% natural ingredients.

With four unique, vegan-friendly flavours, each bar is free from added sugars and packed with protein and fibre. But they offer more than just nutritional benefits; they're designed to enhance both your physical and mental well-being. With Lucid, you enjoy more than just a snack – you nourish your body, enrich your mind, and savour every moment. Experience a world where making healthy choices doesn't mean sacrificing taste.

Group of three cheerful friends sitting on a ledge, sharing laughs with a beautiful sunset illuminating the background.

Shroom Socially

At Lucid, we're introducing a fresh perspective on socialising with our adaptogenic snacks. We invite you to explore how functional mushrooms can enhance not just your daily life, but also your social experiences. Our goal is to offer an alternative that fits naturally into various social scenarios – from lively nights out to relaxed gatherings with friends or even as a unique addition to your everyday routine.

We're passionate about showcasing the versatility of these ingredients in fun, social contexts. That's why we're working on creating engaging content through blogs and podcasts to shed light on the world of adaptogens and mushrooms. We're also excited to bring Lucid to music and wellness events, offering a new way to enjoy health-conscious socialising.

Join us in this journey to redefine social snacking. With Lucid, you can expect more than just a snack – it's a new way to experience and share wellness in every social moment.