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Introduction: Discovering Ashwagandha's Calming Powers

In the whirlwind of modern life, finding a moment of peace can be a challenge. For those between 25-50, balancing work, family, and personal life often leads to increased stress levels. This is where Ashwagandha steps in - a natural herb, also known as Withania somnifera, with a rich history in Ayurvedic medicine, renowned for its stress-relieving properties.

Understanding Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, often called winter cherry, is more than just a supplement; it's a heritage herb in Ayurveda, used for centuries as a natural rejuvenator. In today's wellness-focused world, Ashwagandha is acclaimed for its health benefits, supported by both historical use and modern scientific research.

Ashwagandha and Stress: The Science Behind the Relief

Recent studies have highlighted Ashwagandha's role in reducing stress and anxiety. Its adaptogenic qualities help in normalising the body's stress hormone, cortisol, leading to a more balanced emotional state. A significant study demonstrated that a high-concentration extract of Ashwagandha roots effectively reduced stress and anxiety in adults [1,2]​​​​. This herb also showcases neuroprotective and sedative effects, contributing to better sleep and overall mental well-being​​ [3].

  An assortment of ashwagandha roots and powder. On the left, a wooden bowl is filled with light brown, cylindrical ashwagandha roots. Adjacent is another bowl containing fine, beige-colored ashwagandha powder. Scattered around the bowls are loose roots, a couple of green leaves, and two capsule pills filled with powder. All these are displayed on a dark brown, textured surface that accentuates the natural, earthy tones of the ashwagandha.

Personal Insights: My Own Journey with Ashwagandha

Embarking on the Ashwagandha Path

My tryst with Ashwagandha began about a year ago, amidst the bustling growth of our venture, Lucid. At the time, I was familiar with its popularity among fitness enthusiasts for physical gains, but little did I know about its profound impact on stress management. My curiosity peaked as I learned about its effects on the adrenal gland, offering a natural solution to stress – a trait I felt personally connected to, given my natural tendency to overthink.

Integrating Ashwagandha into My Lifestyle

Integrating Ashwagandha into my life happened organically. I found myself consuming more of it through our bars at Lucid and even incorporating it into supplements. It was like embarking on a journey of self-discovery, understanding how this ancient herb could resonate with my modern lifestyle. I was sceptical at first, wondering if this was just another wellness fad. But as an advocate for natural solutions, I was willing to give it a chance.

A Transformative Experience

The impact of Ashwagandha was subtle yet transformative. It didn't erase stress from my life – stress, after all, is a natural part of the human experience. But it changed something fundamental: the way I perceived and reacted to stress. Situations that used to trigger anxiety, from enduring long-haul flights to navigating social gatherings, became noticeably more manageable. It was as if Ashwagandha had equipped me with a new lens to view life's challenges, making them less daunting and more manageable.

Beyond Stress Relief: The Multifaceted Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha's benefits extend far beyond stress relief. Here's a look at some of its other remarkable effects:

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Research has shown that Ashwagandha may help people fall asleep faster, spend more time asleep, and experience better sleep quality [4,5,6,7]​​​​​​​​. One study found that participants reported a 72% improvement in sleep quality after taking Ashwagandha for six weeks [7]​​.


 A serene image of a young man taking a nap in a field of tall, golden grass under a clear blue sky with wispy clouds. He is lying on his side, resting his head on a white pillow, wearing a casual white tank top and blue jeans, seemingly at peace with the tranquil surroundings.

Improved Memory and Cognitive Function

A study evaluating the effect of Ashwagandha root extract on cognitive functions in stressed subjects found significant improvements in memory and cognitive functioning​​​​ [8,9].

Integrating Ashwagandha into Your Daily Routine

Integrating Ashwagandha into your daily life can be simple and effective:

Choosing the Right Form 

Ashwagandha is available in various forms, such as powders and pills and most importantly; in Lucid’s “De-Stress” me snack bar collection. Select the one that fits your lifestyle best.


Image of two Lucid functional mushroom and adaptogen bars against a beige background. The bar on the left  reads 'Chocolate Hazelnut', while the one on the right reads 'Banana Bread'. Both wrappers have the Lucid logo in large white letters with a star logomark symbol above the 'i', and they highlight the bars as being high fibre (HF), vegan (V), and gluten-free (GF)


Determining the Right Dosage

Starting with a lower dosage and gradually increasing it is key to harnessing the benefits of Ashwagandha effectively. Our Lucid bars, each infused with 300mg of premium Ashwagandha, offer an ideal starting point. This dosage aligns with the minimum requirement set by UK food standards for legally claiming stress-relief properties, ensuring both compliance and quality. It's a perfect way to gently introduce yourself to the remarkable stress-relieving powers of Ashwagandha. Consulting a healthcare professional is recommended to determine the ideal dosage for your needs.

Incorporation into Daily Life

You can mix Ashwagandha powder in smoothies or take supplements with meals. Consistency is key to experiencing its full benefits.

Ashwagandha for All: A Versatile Solution for Most 

Ashwagandha's benefits are not limited to any specific gender or age group, making it an ideal supplement for both men and women aged 18 and above:

Tailoring to Lifestyle Needs

Whether you're a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone looking for natural wellness solutions, Ashwagandha can be adapted to suit various lifestyles and stressors.

Personalised Approaches

Depending on individual health goals and conditions, the way you use Ashwagandha might vary. Some may find it beneficial for managing work stress, while others might use it for improving sleep or overall well-being.

Exploring the Future: Ongoing Research and Potential of Ashwagandha

The journey of Ashwagandha in health and wellness continues to evolve, with ongoing research uncovering new potentials:

Expanding Horizons in Health

Clinical research has shown Ashwagandha to be beneficial in a range of conditions, including stress/anxiety, athletic performance, cognition, and insomnia, although more studies are needed to confirm these effects​​ [10].

Upcoming Studies and Trials

A growing body of research highlights Ashwagandha's potential as a valuable natural remedy for many health concerns, including neuroprotective, sedative, adaptogenic effects, and its impact on sleep [11]​​​​.

Anticipation in the Scientific Community

Recent studies delve into Ashwagandha's potential uses, including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, and anti-diabetic properties, and even its effects on reproductive outcomes and hormone action [11]​​.

Conclusion: Embracing Ashwagandha for a Balanced Life

In wrapping up, it's clear that Ashwagandha is not just an herb; it's a beacon of balance in the hectic rhythm of modern life. Its deep roots in Ayurvedic tradition, now illuminated by the light of scientific validation, resonate with Lucid's ethos of harmonising ancient wisdom and contemporary well-being.

At Lucid, we understand the challenges faced by those in the prime of their lives, striving to juggle professional ambitions, personal commitments, and the quest for health. That's why we've embraced Ashwagandha as a cornerstone ingredient in our snack bars - a testament to its versatility and efficacy.

Ashwagandha represents more than just stress relief; it's a symbol of holistic wellness, a natural ally in your journey towards a more balanced, vibrant life. As we continue to innovate and infuse the essence of this remarkable herb into our offerings, we invite you to experience the transformative power of Ashwagandha. Whether it's through our Lucid bars or future creations, join us in embracing a lifestyle that's not just about living but thriving.

Together, let's unlock the potential of nature's wisdom and step into a future where well-being and vitality go hand in hand.



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