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Promotional image of Lucid's founder Csilla Gindorf with text "Lucid: The brand tackling stress with adaptogens" against a backdrop of product packaging.

Lucid Secures Funding Boost from New Founder Programme

Lucid, is thrilled to announce that our CEO, Csilla Gindorf, has been awarded a grant as part of the New Founder Programme. This esteemed initiative is a collaboration between Pizza Hut, Hatch Enterprise, and Groundwork, aimed at supporting and uplifting entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

The business was founded in response to Lucid CEO, Csilla Gindorf's personal journey with Graves’ disease and her discovery of the transformative effects of functional mush rooms, like Reishi and Lion's Mane. Lucid was established with a vision to combine the benefits of these mushrooms into delightful, nutrient-packed snacks, introducing the concept of "snacking with function." Csilla commented, "We’re truly humbled by the grant team's belief in Lucid's vision. This funding is a game-changer for us. It paves the way for us to reach more people, sharing the magic of functional mushrooms and promoting healthier snack choices. With this boost, we're excited to expand our impact and community!"

With the grant from the New Founder Programme, Lucid aims to bolster its presence at wellness events and trade shows, further broadening its reach and educating the masses about the benefits of functional mushrooms and adaptogens.

This grant scheme is a part of the New Founder Programme, a three-stage initiative designed to help UK entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds by offering the tools and skills they need to start their businesses. It is a collaboration between Pizza Hut Delivery, Hatch Enterprise, and Groundwork which has supported 41 new founders with over £84,000 funding to date.

Two entrepreneurs, the founder of Hatch Enterprise and Csilla Gindorf of Lucid, smiling at a table with a whimsical mushroom decoration.

Meredith Greey, Head of Programmes at Hatch Enterprise commented, “At Hatch itʼs our mission to build a better world through entrepreneurship by supporting underrepresented founders across the UK. We know that funding is one of the key challenges for early-stage founders, and this is even more evident in the current climate.

“Weʼre really pleased that our partnership with Pizza Hut and Groundwork has allowed us to offer grant funding to these amazing new businesses, giving them the opportunity to grow the reach and impact they are able to have in their sectors and communities.”“Weʼre constantly impressed by the innovation and the passion of the founders who come onto the New Founder Programme, and look forward to seeing all that the grant recipients achieve as a result of this extra support.” 

About Hatch, Groundwork, and the New Founder Programme

Hatch Enterprise: Hatch supports underrepresented entrepreneurs from across the UK to imagine, launch and grow businesses that are sustainable, successful and have a positive and lasting impact on their communities. It is committed to building a fairer society by helping develop entrepreneursʼ skills, knowledge and confidence through its unique programmes designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is not typical of the third sector. Although Hatch is a charity, it thinks and acts like a business. Since 2014, Hatch has supported more than 8,000 UK entrepreneurs to flourish, building a vibrant network of partners, funders and investors who share its vision in the process.

New Founder Programme: The New Founder Programme is delivered by Hatch, funded by Pizza Hut/Yum! Foundation and grants are administered by Groundwork UK. The New Founder Programme will help hundreds of budding entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds start and grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs will learn the skills they need to grow their business ambitions into sustainable enterprises that have a positive, lasting impact on their communities.

Groundwork: Groundwork is a charity working locally and nationally to transform lives in the UKʼs most disadvantaged communities. We're passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny, and no one is held back by their background or circumstances. We help people gain confidence and skills, get into training and work, protect and improve green spaces, lead more active lives and overcome significant challenges such as poverty, isolation, low skills and poor health.

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